Insegel Documentation

Release Notes

Release Notes



  • Fixed bug where page width was broken with long highlighted code (#3).

  • Fixed bug where headers would be doubled when using labels (#2).


  • The option to use datarum/wending dates has been removed, for dependency simplicity.

  • Added custom.css for easier third party CSS plugins.

  • Updated the layout and search pages to be more compatible with Sphinx 4.2.0.

  • Added support for not using a logo, in which case it will default to the project name.


  • Added copyright notice to the footer.

  • Fixed an incompatability with nbsphinx.

  • Added multiple level rendering of sidebar toctrees.

  • Theme now uses Gregorian calendar by default.


  • Added styling for Sphinx’s autodoc/autoclass extension.

  • Added support for changing the logo using the html_logo option.


  • Added a <code> background colour for odd table rows, so that they’re distinguishable.


  • Fixed footer margins to be in line with other elements.


  • Updated the theme to a cleaner, less cluttered one that matches that of Hrǽw.



  • Updated the favicon to new Autophagy sigil.

  • Fixed datarum version to 0.3.0.


  • Removed min-width from body, so that it scales properly on mobile resolutions.

  • Changed the default Autophagy sigil.

  • Refactored the footer build detail seperation.


  • Changed the logo link from / to the master_doc setting.

  • Updated the last_updated footer element to use the Datárum library to render documentation updated dates in the Wending format, a custom variant on the French Revolutionary calendar.

  • Added theme option to disable Wending date display, which then uses regular Gregorian dates.

  • Changed monospace font stack to use Inconsolata.


First release of Insegel.

Features include:

  • 2 column layout with a navigation/search sidebar

  • Some basic styling of most Sphinx generated elements

  • Default Pygments styling for code blocks

  • Footer that displays source link, last commit and last build date

  • Some RTD specific stuff (like a hosting message)

  • Gracefull tablet/mobile degredation